Tuesday, December 4, 2012


 Curiosity: For this one i chose a very random turquoise color background and added a satin gradient and stretched the centered line more vertically and then faded the waves out to give it the blurred fuzzy look. I chose Curiosity because there are lines going in different directions and then all blurring which looks confusing.
 Anguish: For anguish i chose very bold colors to pop out so i set a solid blue background and then added a waves gradient and changed it to a basic solid red. Then I used the the centered line and stretched the wave horizontally and faded it out. Then I chose anguish because the two are very bold colors and stand out and give the emotion of anger.
 Pleasure: For this one I went and added the cone gradient and centered it. Then i went into fill options and went to edit and chose the pastel color sequence which created to the rainbow effect around the cone eclipse. This represented pleasure because pleasure means being happy and these are very bright and colorful.
Irritability: For confused I set the background color as more of an offset blue and added the folds gradient and stretched it more vertically and farther away. This gave it many different patterns and blurs and compression to create the look of confusion. This is because there are so many lines and different shapes and irritable to look at.

Loneliness: For loneliness I set the the back to a lighter more moody blue and gave it the gradient of bars and went into fill options and put in the swirl texture and lightened it to about 5% to make it more bare. Then I went into colors and stretched the bar colors farther out to have the two lines more spaced. These colors for me are a sad feeling effect and the lines keep going makes me feel sad.

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