Wednesday, January 30, 2013


For my pointillism I used the brush tool and used the color picked and would color over in a new layer over top of the already in place color wheel and changed the stroke to hard rounded and then changed the tip to the given sizes of 30, 20, 10, and 5. I also changed the edging of my tip to a softened 8 to give it a less pix-elated look.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Film Strip

With my image I first found it off of the internet and copied it over into Firefox. Then I used the marquee tool and opened up a new tab and copied it over and re-sized the image and gave them each an outline. Then I pieced them all together to form the original picture and then used the scale tool and rotated them around.

Friday, January 18, 2013


 This is Humble Hailey. With her face I use the shape tool and then the sub-select tool to form it into a head shape. Then I opened up my folder where I made my eye and copied it over on my face and made a copy of it and flipped it over using the scale-tool. With my nose I used the shape tool and made to circles and change the edge to feather and lightened the shade and formed it around the shape of a nose as well but lighter. Then with my lips I used a picture off of Google and used the magic wand tool and used the shape and then the color tool and set it as a custom and filled it in. Then I used the smudge tool to push the colors around to give it not such a solid look to it. Then behind the lips I added a tongue with a texture to look like taste buds. Then with the hair i used the shape tool and the sub-select tool to form it around the head and gave it a feather to lighten it and a slight wood texture.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


With my eye I started with the circle tool and created an oval with a dark skin color pink. Then added a second layer with a white oval to fit inside the other. Then I used the circle tool and made a circle to fit inside the white layer and gave it the color blue and gave it a gradient of ripples and stretched those ripples out to create the color distortion. With the pupil I made a small black circle that was about half the size of the blue. Then I added a slight blur to it so it would blend in well. With the eye lashes I used the circle tool and made an oval and used the sub select tool to form around the eye its self to create an eyeliner look and used ovals and the sub select tool to create the eye lashes themselves and did this all around the eye. Then I created a third oval and made it black with a low feather to shade around the eyeliner to bled into the eye. Then I made an oval and used the sub select tool to shape an eyebrow.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Spot Colors

 With this image I first used the magic wand tool and got the bigger areas around the tree and change them to sepia. Then I used the lasso tool and zoomed in about 200 and got the areas inside my tree between the branches and changed the back to the sepia tone.

With my flower I traced the edging around the flower with the lasso tool and filled the outside with gray scale and got the spots in between the flower between pedals with the lasso and filled it with gray scale.

 With the cabin I first used the magic wand tool and filled the sky and the mountains surrounded. Then I used the lasso tool to fill the extra spots and trace the outline of the cabin. Then I changed it all to gray scale.