Friday, January 18, 2013


 This is Humble Hailey. With her face I use the shape tool and then the sub-select tool to form it into a head shape. Then I opened up my folder where I made my eye and copied it over on my face and made a copy of it and flipped it over using the scale-tool. With my nose I used the shape tool and made to circles and change the edge to feather and lightened the shade and formed it around the shape of a nose as well but lighter. Then with my lips I used a picture off of Google and used the magic wand tool and used the shape and then the color tool and set it as a custom and filled it in. Then I used the smudge tool to push the colors around to give it not such a solid look to it. Then behind the lips I added a tongue with a texture to look like taste buds. Then with the hair i used the shape tool and the sub-select tool to form it around the head and gave it a feather to lighten it and a slight wood texture.

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