Friday, January 4, 2013

Spot Colors

 With this image I first used the magic wand tool and got the bigger areas around the tree and change them to sepia. Then I used the lasso tool and zoomed in about 200 and got the areas inside my tree between the branches and changed the back to the sepia tone.

With my flower I traced the edging around the flower with the lasso tool and filled the outside with gray scale and got the spots in between the flower between pedals with the lasso and filled it with gray scale.

 With the cabin I first used the magic wand tool and filled the sky and the mountains surrounded. Then I used the lasso tool to fill the extra spots and trace the outline of the cabin. Then I changed it all to gray scale.

1 comment:

  1. The quick mask tool is so useful for this kind of work. What it does is put a semi transparent red over your work, which is the selection (or the other way around, clear is the selection, I can never remember which). Then while in quick mask you can use the brush tool with black and white to remove/add to the red. When you leave the quick mask your selection is changed. This allows you to very finely adjust selections and make sure you get it just right.